Participate in a community effort to construct a guide to the world of wiki and wiki-related phenomena. Initially this can be a list of existing wikis. It would be useful to have short descriptions of each wiki in the list. The Guide can also grow to include articles that discuss specific wiki phenomena.

List of Important WikisEdit


List of Wiki PhenomenaEdit

Link to both external sites and local brainstorming pages for each topic.

Peer ReviewEdit

  • What can be learned from the peer review systems that were created at Nupedia (dead project, strict peer review: "Peer reviewers should be true experts in their fields; the vast majority have Ph.D.'s or are a few months from getting their Ph.D.'s, or have equivalent publishing, teaching, and/or professional experience") and Wikinews (active project, lax peer preview: "We still encourage our contributors to engage in quality control, but we do not require it")? See also: Wikipedia peer review. The wikipedia uses peer review as a step towards validation of featured articles. About 0.1% of Wikipedia articles have been "featured", I do not know what percentage of those were peer-reviewed. Wikipedia peer review is fairly informal. Also, there is a new article validation proposal for WikiMedia.

List of Peer-reviewed Articles about Wikis and Wiki PhenomenaEdit

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