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Was there any/much recorded contact during the seventeenth century?Edit

Although the Commonwealth Republic of Cromwell became one of the most expansionist periods it is nevertheless with some surprise that a poposal to "colonise" Southern* Chile - from London / from the Jewish diaspora generally* apparently was put to Oliver Cromwell in 1656.

A colony in ChileEdit

The background seems to be as follows. Following the earlier diasporic migration of some Jews to Chile (Viceroyalty of Peru), Jews from other countries became interested in the Jewish community in Chile. In London Jews were again permitted rights during the Commonwealth and Simon de Caceres, an ex-Converso based in London, tried get permission from Oliver Cromwell to lead "a military contingent of Jews to conquer uninhabited[1] lands" in Chile in 1656.

Proposal turned downEdit

Cromwell almost certainly turned down the proposal on the basis that "military contingents" of English were not being all that "successful" in Ireland let alone further afield. Relations with Spain could not be further endangered.

No other contact in that century?Edit

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  1. The lands were in fact inhabited by the indigenous Mapuche people


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