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The content below is from Template Journal on this wiki. This page describes how to create a new wiki journal. With just a few simple steps an entire journal can be set up with the global rules and content advice already in place.

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The Template Journal project provides a template of a wiki journal that allows the rapid creation of new peer-reviewed wiki journals for any discipline.

Journal names and locations[edit | edit source]

A wiki journal is an online community devoted to wiki publishing. As such, it must exist in some named domain such as

New journals at[edit | edit source]

The Template Journal is designed to provide the content for a set of wiki pages that can be created in

When you create a new journal in, make sure you are not trying to use the name of an existing journal. It is best not to start the name of your journal with "The". Rather than call your new journal "The Dance Journal", just call it "Dance Journal" or "Dance" or "Journal of Dance".

New journals in Other domains[edit | edit source]

A second journal template needs to be created for use in any other domain, or any other domain with a MediaWiki server. Journals for wiki communities in other domains can be hosted here in this wiki. For example, the Language Journal is the official journal of another wikicity, but it is hosted here at this wikicity. Note: the GFDL license applies to wikicities.

List of wiki journal names[edit | edit source]

If you create a new wiki journal, add it to the List of Journals.

List of Pages in the wiki journal template[edit | edit source]

Example[edit | edit source]

This is an example of the seven pages that can be created from the template:

  • Wiki Journal <-- A page that has the same name as the name of the journal.
  • Wiki Journal:Instructions for authors <-- All wiki journals should have this page, even if it just has a hypertext link to some other already existing set of instructions for authors.
  • Wiki Journal:Title Page Outline <-- This page shows authors how to make a title page for their article.
  • Wiki Journal:Article Content Outline <-- This page shows authors how to make a content page for their article. Sometimes it is convenient to have an article published on multiple wiki pages.
  • Wiki Journal:Instructions for reviewers <-- All wiki journals should have this page, even if it just has a hypertext link to some other already existing set of instructions for how to perform peer review.
  • Wiki Journal:Submitted elsewhere <-- This page provides a place where you can regulate interactions between your new wiki journal community and other wiki journals.
  • Template:Wiki Journal <-- This is inserted into articles to mark them as having been submitted to the journal.

Your new journal[edit | edit source]

If your new Journal is called "Your new journal" then you should create a new category to hold all the pages associated with your journal. Example: see Category:Wiki Journal.

The new pages for "Your new journal" that hold the contents of the pages specified by the Template Journal will be called:

  • Your new journal:Instructions for authors

and so on.

Actually creating your new journal[edit | edit source]

After you have decided that

  1. you want to create a new wiki journal in the domain and
  2. you have decided on a name for the new journal
  3. you know what topics for articles will be suitable for publication in the new journal (can you write a brief description of the subject(s) covered by the journal?)

then use the New journal creator to make the new journal.

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