This journal (the OJPS) was established, in the initial instance, by the Peru Earthquake Aid Committee (PEAC-UK) to enable specialists to respond to the "Draw, write and shoot for Peru" campaign, that is for specialists living outside Peru to be able to collaborate with their peers in "advancing and disseminating knowledge" relevant to the Peruvian earthquake & its aftermath and to the rehabilitation and reconstruction process. The "journal" is part academic or learnéd, but it can be wider than that: a magazine, an archive of videos and sound recordings, tabulae rasae for collaborative editing, a multimedia blackboard, a broadcasting and podcasting studio, a database, a research engine and so on. In one sense it is simply, mathematically speaking, a non-mutually exclusive set of "articles" which relate to Peru - a convenient way of lassoing (gathering) together those "pages" in the "academia domain" (e.g. - these pages) which have a theme in common. At the same time lassoing a different collection, for example relating to earthquakes could produce a special "edition" (OJPS in the domain). Obviously the words edition and issue take on a different meaning in the wikia world.

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