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Anthropology's rich ethnographic record and methods give this field of study an ethical responsibility to promote what Renato Rosaldo has called “cultural citizenship.” That means teaching a fundamental habit of critical inquiry into our social surroundings through both political engagement and open-minded dialogue.

Anthropology Magazine (AM) responds to a widely recognize need for more pedagogically-oriented anthropological writing. We invite submissions that explore anthropological topics in an interesting, accessible way through any related field of study.

Please visit the Anthropology Magazine:Welcome page for our mission statement, types of submissions, etc.

This is the main page for the Anthropology Magazine. "AM" is an interdisciplinary forum for teaching and learning cultural critique The Anthropology Magazine also accepts review articles. These can be formal peer review articles or literature reviews of existing published articles or books. The Anthropology Magazine encourages all authors and reviewers to register a user name and associate their work with their real name.

Steps in the wiki publishing process

  1. The Anthropology Magazine is an "open" journal. If you wish to bring an article you have written to the attention of the Anthropology Magazine community, place the {{Anthropology Magazine}} template at the start of your article. For details, see the Instructions to authors.
  2. You can draft your article in a wiki environment. See preliminary drafts.
  3. When your article is ready for peer review, use the Peer Review template.
  4. If you wish to write a formal peer review article of an article marked by the {{Anthropology Magazine}} template, you must mark your formal peer review article with the {{Anthropology Magazine}} template. Formal peer review articles that review an article of the Anthropology Magazine are themselves subject to peer review. See Anthropology Magazine:Instructions for reviewers.

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