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Details of the Arguedas Prize awards will be posted following the presentation ceremony (see below)

Announcement to accompany the presentation of Arguedas Prizes. Date and time: Friday 24 June, 2011 following the 5 pm plenary conference by William Rowe).

The following refers to the new “Arguedas Scholar” special anniversary prize, not to the established Premios Arguedas and not to the special Premio Arguedas for this year.

The “Arguedas Scholar” special anniversary prize

The “Arguedas Scholar” special anniversary prize or grant is awarded with the object of encouraging the written use of Peru´s regional[i] languages.

In order to coincide with the Arguedas anniversaries, the critical dates are:

   June 24 (from now) to September 2011: Prior registration, either individual or though a participating institution. Initial preparation.
   October 2011: Project seminar and forum.
   2nd December 2011: Submission of joint or individual portfolios.
   18th January 2012: Awards.
   18th January 2012 to 2nd December 2012: Funding period.
   2nd December 2012: Publication of work in the regional language[ii].

   In order to support this language work, part of the grant will be a contribution towards the development of a new “Arguedian” Research and Study (R&S) network[iii]. The network will be open for others to use.

   Joint applications are encouraged from, for example, a student at say La Católica and one say at a regional university, where at least one should speak the regional language.

   It is our intention to work with at least three regional universities or colleges, for example in Andahuaylas, Arequipa, and Pucullpa - at the same time keeping links with specialists in research universities in Peru and abroad.

   For further information or to apply write to Paul Goulder <>. Please copy to <> [essential]
   [i] Often, according to the circumstances, known as maternal, parental, indigenous, autochthonous or diglossic languages.
   [ii] In short, prizes, seminars, a forum and online activities are being offered to encourage students and others to (learn to) write /produce media using  regional languages.
   [iii] This network could have as its objectives: (a) linking existing, Arguedas-related networks, websites, research centres and relevant online resources; (b) the added "functionality" of knowledge-sharing and collaborative editing software; (c) the inclusion of socio-academic networking and virtual tutoring facilities and (d) in the longer term participating in the development of a national "cloud infrastructure" and supporting services. In other words – in terms of the software involved – the network could make use of zotero, wikia, an “academic-facebook” & blogs, “blackboard” and eventual  "cloud research infrastructure", etc.