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Cholofication of the Austin.[]

In the March 2008 edition of Practical Classics turn to page 34. Here you will read, superimposed on a photo of an ageing Austin 1100 “Mark Davey of Chilwell, Notts, spotted one of the few Austin 1100’s imported into Peru. Located in Cabanaconde, a village 3400m above sea level, Mark was surprised to spot the car in such a remote location, joined to the rest of the world by a single road. It was the only British car he saw in Peru during his holiday.”

Minkanews comments that in all probability the Austin 1100 was imported into Peru (late 1960’s / early 1970’s?) by Roberts y Cia, the Arequipa agents of British Motor Corporation, later British Leyland. The Austins were not sufficiently rugged for roads outside the urban area – there being then only one metalled (asphalted) road linking Arequipa to the outside world. There was no road for cars at that time to Cabanaconde.

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