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Minkapedia is a 'knowledge database' and collaborative education system of the phisqhatinsuyukuna. (Quechua language meaning 'the five suyos' or the five regions. They include the central Andean area of South America, e.g. Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru - and also "their diasporas" that is, the "fifth suyo".) This page contains a list of all articles in "academia" which are tagged 'Category:Minkapedia'. [See also main page for Minkapedia.]

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Minkapedia differs from wikipedia in that it is in the "academia" wiki: i.e. articles would be periodically reviewed by specialists and bookmarked AND all articles could eventually reach the standard of a published scholarly article. Minkapedia takes its name from Minka, indicating reciprocity in the advancement and presentation of knowledge. The initial articles were also published in Minka, the Peruvian newspaper established by Isaac Bigio in 2005. Minkapedia uses wikipedia / wikia software. The articles may be republished by any non-commercial media. "Minka" is borrowed from the Andahualas Quechua "Minka" (Mink'a in Cuzco) meaning collaborative working. "Pedia" derives from the Greek, meaning education. Minkapedia therefore signifies "collaborative education". "Encyclopedia" would have meant "general education" but has come to mean the text or book where that is set down, or a specific sub-set of "total knowledge", for example "encyclopedia of plumbing". The academia wiki is a "community" sharing knowledge.

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