This category is meant to contain articles that are available for peer review. Please note that different journal can have different rules for how reviewers should perform peer reviews.

In addition to articles that are targets for peer review, this category contains four pages that have information about peer review:

  1. Marked - describes the three steps of wiki publishing.
  2. Peer Review - provides generic information about how to designate an article as being a target for peer review. Note: some journals have their own rules for peer review. Only articles that use the rules for peer review in the Template Journal should place their articles in this category.
  3. Reviewer Guidelines - These are rules for peer review articles that critique target articles that have NOT been submitted to a journal. Note: most journals have additional instructions that apply to articles that have been submitted to them.
  4. Template:Peer Review - this template is used to mark articles as available for peer review. It is best to only include this template at the bottom of the first page of your article.

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