Academic Publishing Wiki

This website is a wiki where you can create new pages of text and share information with other exploreres.

It is always good form to make sure that there is an existing page that has a hyperlink to any new page that you make. Think about what will be on a new page before you create it. Go to a related page that already exists and create a link to the new page from the existing page. At the very least, you can always make this initial link to the new page from your user page.

The basic hyperlink format is: [[name of link]]

  1. Click the edit tab at the top of the existing page (the one where you want to create a new hyperlink).
  2. This will give you access to a text edit window containing the contents of the page.
  3. In the text edit window, find the correct place and insert your new hyperlink.
  4. Always do a preview of your edit.
  5. When satisfied with your new link, save your changes to the existing page.

Now click on the link that you created. It should be red. If it is blue, then the page already exists! These things can happen. Go look at the page that already has the page name you wanted to use. Maybe you can just add to the existing page. Alternatively, you may need to create a new name for the page you want to create.

When you have the red link for the new page you want to make, click on it. You should have access to the text edit window for the new page. Add the text you want, preview the new page, then save. You did it!

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