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(Note: The lead-in to this article, which was from Minkanews 7 December, 2007, was as follows:Fight deskilling ~ Deskilling refers to "depriving a person of their skills" and happens frequently when a person moves from one country to another. The knowledge-builder project is designed to fight deskilling and the brain drain (Peru-UK). . . . . )

Fight deskilling[]

Deskilling is one of these newish words which the puritans amongst linguists seem to dislike. It looks nasty and the process to which it refers is nasty. If you have not met it before it could be mistaken for a type of killing or perhaps "depriving a person of their skills". De-skilling of course means the latter and happens frequently when a person moves from one country to another. A friend of ours studied medicine in Peru and has a track record of practicing socially useful medecine in remote rural areas. She is currently working in a hospital in the UK - but as a cleaner. This is a waste for Peru, for the UK and of course for the person concerned. Unless a super-human effort is made to climb up out of the situation (through the arduous process of requalification) the medical skills which were acquired at no little cost to the woman's family and the Peruvian taxpayer, and through her work in the countryside, will be lost and will be considered as part of the "brain drain" (fuga cerebral) which Peru experiences every year.

Click here to read about a project which (amongst other things) is designed to combat deskillingand the brain drain or go to a discussion page where you can add your comments, suggestions and ideas.

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