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The Facts[]

On 15 August 2007 a 3-minute long 7.9 magnitude earthquake laid waste Chico Sur, one of Peru's most productive regions encompassing Cañete, Chincha, Pisco, Paracas, Ica, Yauyos province and part of Huancavelica, lying between 90 and 150 miles south-east of the capital, Lima. According to the latest official statistics from the Peruvian National Civil Defense Institute (INDECI), 519 people are dead, 1,291 injured, more than 427,000 people are victims and a further 220,000 are affected. 86,000 homes and public buildings are destroyed and 41,000 more are damaged and in need of repair.

How can Peruvians in UK / NGOs / Government help the education sector in the earthquake zone?[]

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