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This is the main page for the Education in the Sciences. Education in the Sciences will create a forum for the discussion and dissemination of science education practice.

Please feel free to start a new article, or leave a message on the discussion page saying what articles you'd like to see in the future.

A new area of publishing practice could come from the development of advisory articles, (secondary sources), which are living articles and can thereby be totally up to date with accounts of current recommended practice, as authors can edit and insert references to their primary material on the day it appears elsewhere.

There seems to have been little interest in this area, so the author who submitted two articles will not submit any more until more appear. It is thought that the reason no-one has submitted anything from their active teaching is that the authors feel they want the qudos of a paper published journal which they can put their CV. This however negates the advantage of developing living articles where the information is immediately available for all in the world to see.

The Education in the Sciences also accepts review articles. These can be formal peer review articles or literature reviews of existing published articles or books. The Education in the Sciences encourages all authors and reviewers to register a user name and associate their work with their real name.

Steps in the wiki publishing process

  1. The Education in the Sciences is an "open" journal. If you wish to bring an article you have written to the attention of the Education in the Sciences community, place the {{Education in the Sciences}} template at the start of your article. For details, see the Instructions to authors.
  2. You can draft your article in a wiki environment. See preliminary drafts.
  3. When your article is ready for peer review, use the Peer Review template.
  4. If you wish to write a formal peer review article of an article marked by the {{Education in the Sciences}} template, you must mark your formal peer review article with the {{Education in the Sciences}} template. Formal peer review articles that review an article of the Education in the Sciences are themselves subject to peer review. See Education in the Sciences:Instructions for reviewers.

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