Academic Publishing Wiki

There are three stages in wiki publishing; preliminary drafts, formal peer review, and the "end stage" which is equivalent to traditional publishing of a peer reviewed article and what can happen after publishing (correction, retraction, citation).

End Stage[]

When an article has been peer-reviewed and by the consensus of the reviewers the article meets established community standards, the article can be "formally published". One of the main reviewers of an article will mark the article as having been approved by the peer review process. This is done by inserting the {{Formally Published}} template into the article.

There are several possible "end stage" outcomes for an article, only one of which is "formal publication". Reviewers decide if an article is rejected, in need of revisions, or "formally published". A wiki format article can only be marked as "formally published" by community consent among a group of reviewers. The wiki publishing peer review process by which this consensus is reached is totally open and transparent. When reviewers require that an author make modifications to an article, the author is free to quit the peer review process, make corrections to the article, or try to rebut any peer review article that requests modifications (see Peer Review for details). An author who wished to rebut a peer review article must do so by writing a formal peer review article that critiques the peer review article being rebutted (see Reviewer Guidelines for details).

Once an article is "formally published", there is still the possibility that the article will require the attention of the author. See Minor edits, correction, retraction, and the other wiki options for post-peer review editing of articles.