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"I don't have a method for generating whole books, or not very easily, but I do have a method that can be used for translating between the constituent words of the 'soul of the book' and the 'title' or vice versa.

The soul translation method is as follows:


Soul of the book =

'If you [X] qualifier [subject of X and qualifier] [opp X clarified]'

Optionally, you can add a moral for the whole book:

'The [subject of X alone] is [verb / adj. of opp qualifier]'.

Note: For this second part, it may help to refer to the below title formula, in order to find the opp qualifier before it is modified.

Title of book = Usually: '[quality of X] [opp qualifier]' For perusal, or quick use: '[opp qualifier] [quality of X]'

The easiest way to use the formula is to generate original souls and then find the corresponding titles by finding the most essential, knowledgeable quality of X and then finding the opposite of the qualifier introduced in the soul of the book.

Together with the soul the title provides a basic index of the value of any text, and permits exponentially efficient reading.

For example,

Soul = 'If you die early enough you live'. Optional 1= 'Death is the aging process'. Title of book = 'Bad Archaic' Bad [= qual. of die] Archaic [=opp of early].

Another example chosen more arbitrarily,

Soul = 'If you live surely truth may die'. Optional 1= 'The life is uncertain'. Title of book = 'Optimal Uncertainty' Optimal [=qual. of live] Uncertainty [= opp of surely]

Also, optionally [added after optional1],

Optional 2 of Whole Book = '[A/the state / process from verb / adj.] of / is [property of qual. of X]'

Optional 3 of Whole Book =


1. State [That is how things are].

2. Process / The process is stated [Under the given conditions,

this will continue].

3. State-Process and State-As-Process [Clearly this deserves

some analysis].

4. Capital states and abilities [Is it wild or is it lawful?]

5. Implication [One might require great wisdom to understand



[2nd part of optional 2] [1st part of optional 2] [opp qual.]


High form of quality (only included in Poor Zurid so far)

End Statement of Whole Book =

[(Desire such as at last / as it happens)... (Unobvious).

(Unobvious) Knowledge / is / and this will continue / that's what

we think / title --- referring to 5 parts of the above.]"

--- Coppedge, Nathan. Via Quora.