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This is the main page for the Journal of Suppressed Science. Submissions from all disciplines will be allowed which meet the following circumstances criteria:

1. The author(s) have a reasonable expectation that their Submission would be rejected by journals of the respective discipline because:

(a) the subject, data, or conclusions violate cognitive police parameters or a dominant dogma of the profession (i.e., archeological evidence of substantial tool making in North America 200,000 years ago.);

(b) work can not be published because the author(s) were on the losing side of a power struggle within their profession or that they have been blacklisted for other reasons, such as violating political correctness;

(c) the subject, data or conclusions are contrary to economic or political interests with sufficient power to adversely influence academic or publication decision-making;

(d) currently no journal exists for the subject of the article; or

(e) the submission exposes science fraud or organized crime in a discipline or profession.

2. In instances where publication of the research might result in physical retribution against the author, requests to withhold the author's name(s) will be considered. The Journal of Suppressed Science also accepts review articles. These can be formal peer review articles or literature reviews of existing published articles or books. The Journal of Suppressed Science encourages all authors and reviewers to register a user name and associate their work with their real name.

Steps in the wiki publishing process

  1. The Journal of Suppressed Science is an "open" journal. If you wish to bring an article you have written to the attention of the Journal of Suppressed Science community, place the {{Journal of Suppressed Science}} template at the start of your article. For details, see the Instructions to authors.
  2. You can draft your article in a wiki environment. See preliminary drafts.
  3. When your article is ready for peer review, use the Peer Review template.
  4. If you wish to write a formal peer review article of an article marked by the {{Journal of Suppressed Science}} template, you must mark your formal peer review article with the {{Journal of Suppressed Science}} template. Formal peer review articles that review an article of the Journal of Suppressed Science are themselves subject to peer review. See Journal of Suppressed Science:Instructions for reviewers.

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