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The lower part of this page contains an outline for content pages of articles submitted to Justice and law - Amnesty international. There is also an outline available for article title pages. If you use the title page outline, you will have at least two wiki pages for your article; the title page and at least one article content page.

If you intend to use the Justice and law - Amnesty international:Article Content Outline, you should first use the Justice and law - Amnesty international:Title Page Outline. When you set up your article's title page, put some thought into the title and the short title. The name of the wiki page for your title page must match the title of your article.

The name(s) of your article content page(s) should have this form:

Short Title: Article content
Short Title: Supporting data

For help creating pages, see: Create Links and Pages.
For help with references, see: Help:References.

There are five "notes" in the outline (below). They provide instructions. Remove them from your article content page when you are ready to submit (save) your article content page.

______copy the text below and paste it into your new article content page________

{{Justice and law - Amnesty international}}<BR>
{{Minor Edits Allowed}}<BR> note: remove this line if you do not want Minor edits
[[Title page]]: [[Title]]<BR>
{{ref|refname}}<BR> note: this is the way to cite your references



== References ==<BR>
# {{note|refname}} <BR>note: this is the way to build your reference list

==Other wiki pages for this article==<BR>
{{Preliminary draft|username}} <--note: raplace "username" with the wikicities username of the first author.<BR> [[Category:First author - Short title]]<--note: insert your name and the short title for your article<BR>