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Minkanews - Minkapedia study guides / learning scheme 209 – Topic No 12 
Level # 2: approximate first degree
Scheme # 9: Latin American art and the diaspora
Topic # 12: Peruvian Art

About the study guides[]

This study guide is No 12 in the series 209. (2XX = level 2 – approximate first degree level. 209 = learning scheme 09 at the first degree level). Study guides and learning schemes are not prescribed courses. Rather they are intended as “pages of suggestions from / the sharing of ideas by artists, teachers, tutors, lecturers”. Readers (learners and tutors) can share their work on these jointly editable pages of Minkapedia (). If you are not already at this web location, you can also find the webpage by googling (searching internet by keyword) ‘Minkapedia’.

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Latin American art and the diaspora[]

Learning scheme 9 suggests utilising the University of Essex Collection of Latin American Art (UECLAA) website as a basic resource and first port of call to study the art of Peru (topic 12) and Ecuador (topic 7) . . . and by extension the art of, or from, most of the other Latin American countries.

Introduction to the contemporary art of Peru[]

The link Peru above takes you to an introductory article by Luis Rebaza (King’s College, University of London). Although necessarily short (to fit the format of the UECLAA website), it contains the main points – an overall summary of developments in the field of Peruvian art. Do read this first, especially if you are new to the study of Peru. Following the introductory article, eleven works by Peruvian artists are shown on the website together with bibliographical and further research information. An artist’s statement is usually available. There are enough works in the database to gain a basic idea of the development of Peruvian art 1900 to 2000 . . . . read more