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Book review of: Salcedo Mitrani, Lorry. A la sombra del guarango. Fondo Editorial del Congreso del Peru / Banco Central de Reserva del Perú. 2007. Lima, Peru. 216 pp. 779.092. ISBN 978-9972-221-39-2.

+ See discussion page regarding the translation of "guarango".

These limited run (un tiraje de 1000 ejemplares) large size books full of glossy photos used to be called "coffee table" editions. A la sombra del guarango by Lorry Salcedo is too important to remain on the coffee table and should be more widely available. Nor are his photos "glossy colour" but sensitive black and white artwork which is at the same time sociology, testimonio and tribute. The book is published when the nation's conscience is focused on the Chincha earthquake (15/8/07) area of Peru, which has been home to Afro-Peruvians since before emancipation. Lorry Salcedo's photos date back to 1985 and in his introduction he describes the different phases in the evolution of his photographic perspective: from the inside out - intimate, impassioned yet traditional documentary photography; leaving the surroundings of his (mainly Afro-Peruvian) personages to attract them to his own space; and more recently a segment called "testimony" in which he "converses" with his subjects.

Previous shows[]

The following titles give some idea - in place of actual photos - of the range of his photography:

 12. Adelina and Tila working (El Carmen, Chincha, 1992) 
 13. Don Amador Ballumbrosio (El Carmen, Chincha, 1985) 
 14. Doña Cueto y Camilo (El Carmen, Chincha, 1992) 
 15. Filomeno cutting hair (El Carmen, Chincha, 1992) 
 16. Hands over the tumba (El Carmen, Chincha, 1985) 
 17. Jose dancing (El Carmen, Chincha, 1985) 
 18. Neighbor drawing water (El Carmen, Chincha, 1985) 
 19. Picking broccolies [sic] (San Jose, Chincha, 1992) 
 20. Playing at the cemetery (El Carmen, Chincha, 1992) 
 21. Procession of Virgin of El Carmen II (El Carmen, Chincha, 1992) 
 22. Singer Susana Baca (Pachacamac, Lima, 1994) 
 23. The tumba (El Carmen, Chincha, 1987).

These form part of the portfolio of photos which the Benson Library, University of Texas holds. They are juxtaposed with the first eleven, shot in Brazil.

They were shown 2/8/2006 (??) in the exposition Africa's Legacy: Photographs in Brazil and Peru by Lorry Salcedo-Mitrani.

"In honor of Black History Month, Cushing Memorial Library & Archives is displaying 23 prints by Peruvian photographer, Lorry Salcedo-Mitrani. From his portfolio, "Africa's Legacy: Photographs in Brazil and Peru," the prints on display in the Mayo-Thomas Room are drawn from a larger portfolio of nearly 100 prints recently acquired to support the study of Afro-Latino culture. The exhibit is a significant expansion of one that was on display last semester and will be on display through the end of this semester.

Salcedo-Mitrani describes the exhibit as 'a socio-documentary photo essay … a compilation of images from two Afro-Latino communities, one from Brazil and the other from Peru.'

Exhibitions, shows and collections[]

Salcedo Mitrani has exhibited his work in 15 solo exhibits and 11 group shows, received several awards and fellowships for his work, and been the subject of two books.

His photographs are collected by several institutions including Yale University, the Library of Congress, New York Public Library, Houston Museum of Fine Arts, Stanford University, and the Museum of African-American Life and Culture.

Source Texas A&M and the Benson Collection at TU


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