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Hello, and welcome to the Academic Publishing Wiki! This project is meant to give people with original ideas a means of obtaining peer review and constructive criticism, and also to publish these ideas in wiki format for the free use and benefit of others. Works can first be placed in wiki format as an initial draft and marked for inclusion in the critical peer review process. With successful passage through this stage, the article can then be included in an academic journal fitting of it. Questions? FAQ | Wiki publishing

The Academic Publishing Wiki is very new and needs your help. See Current events for existing projects and add more. You can take a short guided tour of this wiki.

Active Journals

Journals can relate to any academic field, and are not limited to the following. Please feel free to add more as you feel is appropriate. Full list of journals. Instructions for starting a new journal. On this wiki:

On other Wikia sites:

Policy and suggestions

  • There is no "neutral point of view" policy here. However, keep in mind that a reasonable argument is more effective, and that a stronger point of view may both appear less professional and alienate some readers.
  • It is strongly recommended that you provide a proper bibliography, and use footnotes to reference quotes. An available system for references.
  • Keep in mind that any work posted here is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. Do not plagiarize.

Getting started: rough drafts

  1. Read the Author guidelines.
  2. Create a wiki page for your new article. Create Links and Pages
  3. Add the preliminary draft template to your article. Using templates
  4. Add the content of your article to the wiki page you created for your article. Need help with wiki?

NOTE: You can browse the articles that are currently in the preliminary drafts category.

Peer Review

You can browse articles that are currently available for peer review. Note: some wiki journals do not list their articles in this generic list of peer review targets.