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Use the following templates to mark the progress of articles through the peer-reviewed wiki publication process.

There are three stages in wiki publishing; preliminary drafts, formal peer review, and the "end stage" which is equivalent to traditional publishing of a peer reviewed article and what can happen after publishing (correction, retraction, citation).

Author guidelines

Preliminary drafts[]

For detailed information about preliminary drafts, see this page.
The {{Preliminary draft|Username Goes Here}} template:

This article is a working preliminary draft, NOT yet submitted for peer review. Leave your comments on the discussion page (talk page) or contact the First Author, Username Goes Here, at their talk page or by email.

Formal peer review[]

For detailed information about formal peer review of wiki articles, see Peer Review.
The {{Peer Review}} template:

This article has been marked by its First author as being available for formal peer review. If you review this article, add a link to your review in the section below.

End stage[]

Only the reviewers of an article can mark an article as having been through the peer review process. Reviewers can decide that an article is rejected, in need of revisions, or "formally published". A wiki format article can only be marked as "formally published" by community consent among a group of reviewers.
The {{Formally Published}} template:

Open book 01
Marked has been peer-reviewed. It was judged by the reviewers to meet established community standards for article style and intellectual content.