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This is a collection of miscellaneous "theoretical" (speculative) concepts concerning subatomic physics --- proposed by unrecognized and variously-skilled but well-intentioned 'theoreticians'. The page is divided into three sections:

  • the List of Proposed Theories -- arranged by major field
(each with brief summary, and list of associate particles)
  • the List of Proposed Particles -- arranged by particle family-name
(each with brief summary of properties)
  • the Index of Proposed Theories -- arranged by author

(This page is NOT for listing wild ideas or even thoughtful discussions about science-fiction/fantasy particles or theories, unless to provide a REAL (mathematical and/or experimental) basis for their ACTUAL existence.)

List of Proposed Theories[]

On "Gravity"[]

(Includes wave-functions)
Particles: Oliveros graviton/photon

List of Proposed Particles[]


  • Oliveros graviton - graviton (or photon) ejected by a singularity at rest, may exceed speed of light in vacuum, has no rest mass, obeys Newtonian Gravitational Field constraints during ejection. (Includes wave-functions)


Index of Proposed Theories[]