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The term Pan Dimensional (across dimensions) Philosophy is a term that is used to cover discussion of all aspects of philosophy in the physical universe which our senses are unable to detect. This term is an extension of the term "Metaphysics" in that it takes into consideration the manner in which we sense the universe in which we live. The term "we are currently unable to prove the existence of multiple dimensions in a mathematical or physics sense. Dimensional theory is subjective, but the very existence of a dimensional theory affects our outlook on proveable existence and therefore our philosophy. We can as a species at best only think the thoughts that we are built to think - the others do not exist for us.

The human body is amazing, but it does indeed have serious sensory limitations which make it difficult for us to sense more of the universe in which we live. As an example - we sit in a room and are not able to sense radio waves that pass through the room and us. But with the use of a radio receiver which converts these radio waves to sound within the band which our ears are capable of hearing, we can listen to music or speech. These radio waves are not pan dimensional, they are merely outside our sensory limitations. Regions outside our sensory limits must be included in the term as they also affect the way we look at life and existence generally, in other words - our philosphy. If we could sense radio waves directly without any intervening apparatus, our very existence would be immeasureably affected.

As a second example. I was not aware of the seagull accidentally sitting on my head until my wife showed me the photograph, at which time I understood why she was laughing...

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