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The “Peruvian University Abroad” refers not to an institution such as an open university or virtual campus but to a system whereby various universities in Peru can participate in offering courses and organising "knowledge exchange" activities. So as to reduce costs, the administration of the system abroad would be organised or underwritten by the Peruvian diaspora - and not for example by Peruvian national (state) universities.

Proposed courses in Ireland, the UK, France and Italy[]

Proposals are currently being drawn up to present to Peruvian universities.

Under the proposals, qualifications (certification) would be offered currently only in a mode which requires a journey to the participating university in Peru, i.e written exams cannot, as yet, be taken at a distance. Students are welcome to make open use of the materials without Peruvian certification (diplomas), however written credits can be given for assessed opentext participation and online invigilated tests (if any). Please discuss this proposal in the space provided (click discussion tab).

Tutorials and mentoring are not covered in this section. The proposal is that in the main they will be the responsibility of cultural associations, the Consejo de Consulta in liaison with the Consulate and cultural / education officers in the Embassy, Saturday Schools, Parent's Groups and other organisations concerned with education in the community. Please discuss this proposal in the space provided (click discussion tab).

Postgraduate level[]

Earthquake studies; The New Peru; Diplomatic history and international relations (Peru – Ireland, UK and France ~ 1824 to 1839); Finance and development and the Bolivarian vision; Retrospective of scholarly output on Peru in the countries(above).

Undergraduate level[]

History of the Peruvians. Please turn to OJPS Opentext Journal of Peruvian Studies on page "Caral". Also in the Minkapedia index. (Click on category below)