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History: Sucedió en el Perú

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Sub-title e.g. Sucedió en el Perú video y relato del programaEdit

Note 00.04 (example) = the time in minutes on the video counter. This should be stable across all the versions. You can use the timer to locate particular text. If your Spanish is not completely fluent use the Spanish text to help your understanding of the soundtrack. If you are bilingual help to improve the English transcriptions - of the interviews - and translations.

Third level subtitlesEdit

It happened in Peru
This is a TVPeru documentary in the
Sucedió en el Perú series written and produced by Antonio Zapata, historian at the Universidad Católica, Lima. Other members of the team are listed in the film credits and the participant historians are identified in the text. A translation is being made for a new soundtrack in English. If you speak (some) Spanish it will be of immense benefit if you could help with the transcription. Please write this down alongside the video, starting each paragraph with a marker in minutes and seconds (See La Conquista - Conquest for one way of doing this). If you have time suggest improvements to the translation (if any). This is Template:Video.

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Who are these pages written for // para quien son estas páginas?
For all. The part of the page dealing with resources, library collections, etc is not tailored to - or directed to - any particular "profile" of reader / viewer / student / researcher . . . It is intended as a database and list of sources for those researchers and students interested in this period. The second part of these pages are more specific and just for small groups or one-to-one. Browse down the page to the sections of research groups and tutorials to find material focusing on the study needs of particular groups. Tutorial 1 is directed to Peruvians in Europe.
You can edit existing pages or add text, images, videos etc. This is known as OCE - Open Collaborative Editing. This is Template:ForWhom
Template:Tutorials classes
Where can I do Peruvian History?
Almost no university, college or school in the United Kingdom teaches pure specialist History of Peru. The exceptions being University of Liverpool, Cambridge, . . (Click on Category:History of Peru to go to the Index page. Then select the template - "Template:Tutorials_classes". On the template click Edit this page to update, add, delete these entries). And that is exactly the point of this online collaborative history of Peru: to have as near a complete collection of study and research resources on specialised topics and a space for academic collaboration within the theme of the History of Peru, such that non-specialised profs from a variety of disciplines may work with you on a tailored (customised) learning scheme, project, dissertation etc. Please add your details (here - can this be made a field??) if you would like to join the Peruvian History Initiative. Example - a Latin American studies lecturer, a secondary school history teacher - a student whose parents came from Peru, students who visited Peru in their gap year. Template. This is a template which may be used in (pasted into) any article and is in the category History of Peru.

Research and reportage groupsEdit

A template about how to keep all your sources ship-shape and in a form

which can be printed out at the touch of a button.

To follow this research and study system you may find that it is easier to use Google Notebook, superceded by Google Wikisearch Jan 2009 and/or software similar to Zotero which is a free and easy-to-use aid when you need to collect, manage, and cite your research sources. It lives right where you do your work—in the web browser itself. (But only if you use a Firefox browser which is worth downloading for free). This is Template:Webpage_and_references_management.

A template which apologises for the advertisements on the page.

Apologies in advance about adverts on these pages. For now these pages are supported by advertisements which are, for many reader-viewers, distracting and at times offensive. As you may know the adverts are outside the control of the Opentext Journal of Peruvian Studies. They are apparently chosen by some formula as being "appropriate to the page". Clearly the formula does not always work. Side menu column. At this stage the menu column is not particularly useful as it serves all the journal titles in the academia.wikia domain. Note also experimental use of the peruearthquake.wikia domain and others (see text in article on Paracas). Template. This is a template which may be used in any article and is in the category History of Peru.

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Everyone can help. Every bit of information will come in useful. Just seen a film, read a book, come across a new webpage. Add it to the lists. Speak some Spanish . . . Quechua - revise the translations. Don't worry about damaging the pages! All the old copies are saved - like a palimpsest (\ˈpa-ləm(p)-ˌsest, pə-ˈlim(p)-\ ; noun; Latin palimpsestus, from Greek palimpsēstos scraped again, from palin + psēn to rub, scrape; akin to Sanskrit psāti, babhasti he chews;1825; 1 : writing material (as a parchment or tablet) used one or more times after earlier writing has been erased 2 : something having usually diverse layers or aspects apparent beneath the surface. Webster's dictionary). ... . This is Template:Palimpsest.
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