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This journal will focus on Medical Research on South Asian health. This journal will be affiliated with the non profit organization SAHRI or South Asian Health Research Institute.

The ultimate goal is to improve the health of south asians across the globe by conducting medical research. But as any medical researcher knows that the most important step in starting a research project is to understand the existing research on the topic. This Journal will serve as a resource of existing literature. It will encourage medical research by bringing resources (information, intelligence) together on a common platform (wiki).

Like any other wiki database, it will be maintained by the users of the database. The original work will start alongside the review of the existing work.

This project was started as a Medical Knowledge Database on another wiki. But wikicities' academia seems like a better academic setting for this project.

It will take a few hours/days to import existing data from pbwiki.


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Suggested Future Articles[]

We want to create a database of knowledge, so feel free to share your knowledge with your colleagues. Please be sure to include appropriate references (just as you would in any other research article).

It is our goal to create a team of collaborators for each topic - so your interest and qualifications in Resource database are very important.

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