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CAD and Platelet Dysfunction

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Treatment of Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) involves many of the platelet modulating drugs such as Aspirin, GPIIb/IIIa inhibitors.

Primary Prevention of Coronary Artery Disease includes Aspirin. Secondary Prevention of CAD includes Aspirin.

Though the current models for atherosclerosis does not revolve around platelet abnormalities: the question raised here is: 1. Are there any platelet speicific pathophysiology that predispose one to have ACS. 2. Are there any interventions (other than Aspirin) that are specifically related to platelets for primary/secondary prevention.

We will first review: 1. Platelet physiology 2. Atherosclerosis physiology

Epidemiology[edit | edit source]

Genetics[edit | edit source]

Pathophysiology[edit | edit source]

Clinical Presentation[edit | edit source]

Diagnostics[edit | edit source]

Treatment[edit | edit source]

Prognosis[edit | edit source]

Associated Diseases and complications[edit | edit source]

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