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Thing to do/ongoing tasks[]

Format: Task name - Task Leader (with email), other participants

If you are interested in helping out, please generate you own entries - also, if you are interested in a particular task, write your name next to the task and contact the task leader.

In the future, it may be possible (with enough volunteers) to have those unfamiliar/uncomfortable with wiki to tell us here how they want to make changes and we may be able to accommodate.


High Priority[]

Mid Priority[]

    • SAHRI Website - Primary: Kennedy Ganti - (he has plans to build our own server with various functionalities--- need help
    • SAHRI database - with better search, save functionality - to be hosted on our webserver (to be done in MySQL with PHP). Primary: Kennedy Ganti need help

Low Priority[]

    • SAHRI logo
    • DELETE pages (Disease_List as SAHRI:Disease_List was created).
    • Create SAHRI:Resource_Database instead of just Resource_Database.

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