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Scholars and the Peru Earthquake 2007

Several channels have been opened for academic/intellectual/professional contributions (not money, clothes or goods) to earthquake reconstruction in the affected zones.


Academic/intellectual/professional contribution

1.Have you checked to see whether the libraries in the earthquake area have /will have all your works? Are they accessible to all? Even prior to the earthquake we have been discussing this issue in general with the BNP. There are complex issues involving publishers, authors, copyright, public lending fees, digital conversion, etc. but we would like to work with you and the local libraries and internet centres to resolve these problems. New ways for you to do this have been opened up:new opentext multimedia journals of Peruvian and Latin American Studies, which have sections for (a) working papers / draft articles (b) articles submitted for review (c) reviews of peer reviews (c) book and other media reviews (d) retrospectives (e) collections (incl. virtual museum) (f) current issues (g) spare pages and scratchpad (h) “sync-links” to an education network of “tutorial/ mentor precincts” (See Proyecto UNICO) (i) sections for each Latin Americanist . Click on

2.Ask your professional / scholarly association to nominate/vote an “editor” to the OJLA (Opentext / OCE Journal of Latin American Studies) advisory group.

3.Choose a theme from amongst your area of expertise and write a short introduction to it - and a review of the main (online) sources (a literary review/bibliographic essay). Do this on the “create new article” page.

4.Join a team of“mentors” advising students / staff (Earthquake zone and diaspora) on the use of the OJLAS and similar resources.

5.Set up a local “Peru Earthquake Aid Committee” if not already existing. Set up the first mentoring precinct in your area. Liaise with us . Exchange fundraising ideas and new thoughts on how scholars can contribute to and improve on the scheme above.

6.In the spirit of opentext / open collaborative editing (OCE) edit / improve this document see OJPS (Peruvian Studies)

Finally my apologies for the urgency of this letter. The schemes above had to be put together within a short space of time since the Earthquake on August 15th.

Paul Goulder

Education Secretary

Peru Earthquake Aid Committee (UK 2007)