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Seminars or tutorials with free online access and real activities located in:[]


 Please go to "Seminar" in the "peruearthquake" domain
 for present active Seminar.

Confused about wikis and wikias?[]

Go to help section and tutorial. Also go to the section on this page: Confusing wikis with wikias. See below

Membership of a learning community.[]

To participate in this learning community add your user-name to the Members page:Peru.

This section superceded by local social networks. See ExpatPeru/Peruvian Times

Confusing wikis with wikias.[]

You may have met a wiki in the form of wikipedia which is the open jointly-edited encyclopedia. You may also know [wiktionary] (a dictionary, which is also compiled by open collaborative editing.

The wikia part of the system emphasizes the community interested in a particular theme. For example this community's theme (Peruvian Studies: Earthquake) is of interest to Peruvians both in the home country and abroad, friends of Peru, Peruvianists and others interested in Peru. Its special emphasis is those in the earthquake zone and those from that zone who live elsewhere.

The "Education wikis" part of the wikia system has to do with learning communities. There are several sections of "Education wikis" of interest to "Peruvianists": in "academia" can be found academic journals (e.g. Open Journal of Peruvian Studies), and in the category:Peru Earthquake other educational documents and a education network, of which this page is about Seminar 1.