Notes for tutors based on a talk on Stonehenge and Caral given at the CARILA fundraising see below.

On Thursday 19 June, 2008 at 7 pm in the Christopher Ingold Chemistry Lecture Theatre, Gordon Street,WC1E 6BT, just opposite the Bloomsbury Theatre, CARILA is hosting theSummer** Solstice Celebrations as a fundraising event for their Latin American Welfare Group. The chemistry block is part ofUniversity College London (UCL) which was founded by Jeremy Bentham as a secular riposte to the Anglican King’s College London 1829. Bentham and fellow philosophers took an active interest in the fledgling Latin American republics e.g. Peru 1824 and Bolivia 1825, and corresponded with revolutionary leaders of the ilk of Simon Bolivar. It is therefore appropriate that UCL should be the location for this meeting. Thanks to recent revolutions in communication technology the following contribution to the discussion on Inti Raymi can be accessed, discussed and edited worldwide. Inti Raymi is what the festival of the Sun is called in Quechua and Minkanews has already pointed out that 21st June is the winter** solstice down-under and hence a marker for a new year – Happy New Year!

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