User registrationEdit

I suggest that registration of user names be encouraged for anyone involved in the wiki publication process. Use of real names should be encouraged. Authors and reviewers should provide an email address when they register their user name. It would be nice if there could be a system of email notifications so that authors could be told when reviews of an article are posted. --JWSchmidt 19:36, 1 Jul 2005 (UTC)

Rough draftsEdit

I think there could be a general category for drafts, but it would be wise for each wiki journal to also have a place for early drafts. Authors will want to let people with similar interests know about their work, and reviewers will not want to have to search through articles that are in subject areas they are not interested in. --JWSchmidt 17:23, 1 Jul 2005 (UTC)

Distributed network of wiki publishingEdit

I suggest that this wiki develops a standard for wiki publishing and specialized wiki journals that could exist either here or at other wikis. For example, there could be a Protoscience Journal hosted at the Protoscience wikicity, a Language Journal at the Language wikicity and a Philosophy Journal hosted by the Philosophy wikicity. It would be great if there were a standardized wiki publishing system that would allow users to easily utilize a distributed network of wiki publishing sites. Not everyone will want to have exactly the same rules for wiki publishing, but all such journals should cooperate to be part of a coherent system. --JWSchmidt 17:23, 1 Jul 2005 (UTC)

As a test of the Template Journal I created the Language Journal. --JWSchmidt 04:36, 13 Jul 2005 (UTC)

Tex support? Edit

How does Tex work here? For instance, $ A=3 $ worked om the first try, but $ \int_{LB}^{UB} G(P)dP=\int_{LB}^{UB} F'(P)dP=F(UB)-F(LB),\,\! $ required a couple of tries and a test page with many involved equations still didn't after several tries. This seems to be the case for all Wikicites. Is there a MathHelp page (like MediaWiki's Help:Formula) that addresses this issue?~Kaimbridge~ 14:12, 2 Dec 2005 (UTC)

I can't say I know. It's probably the result of Wikicities using a version of Mediawiki a few behind what Wikimedia uses. Sarge Baldy 01:56, 6 Dec 2005 (UTC)

wikibooks:Modern History/Beginning of the Cold War/Post-War German Orientation Edit

You may wish to grab this before it is deleted. – Mike.lifeguard | @meta 13:38, 3 June 2008 (UTC)

Reference utility is broken Edit

Using <ref>{{cite book}}</ref> does not result in a footnote. Is this by design, or is Wikia broken? This is very frustrating, especially for academic pages. --Tcamdg 02:15, 10 June 2008 (UTC)

I tried searching this wikia for a "cite book" template. I found Template:Cite conference and Template:Cite web but no Template:Cite book. It looks like a "cite book" template has never been created here. --JWSchmidt 16:47, 12 June 2008 (UTC)
Oh. I wonder why that is. Oh well, I suppose I'll just use one of those other templates. Thank you. --Tcamdg 16:56, 12 June 2008 (UTC)


For at least a couple years, my Academic Publishing "Motifs in Hamlet" has had a high Google rank. If you searched for "Motifs in Hamlet," it was in the top 3 sites listed, sometimes ranking first, ahead of SparkNotes. It's still top-ranked by Yahoo, but today it completely disappeared from Google. Can anybody help me find out what happened and how to fix it? (Could this be sabotage from SparkNotes?) Ray Eston Smith Jr 15:11, 27 February 2009 (UTC)

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