Where can I do Peruvian History?
Almost no university, college or school in the United Kingdom teaches pure specialist History of Peru. The exceptions being University of Liverpool, Cambridge, . . (Click on Category:History of Peru to go to the Index page. Then select the template - "Template:Tutorials_classes". On the template click Edit this page to update, add, delete these entries). And that is exactly the point of this online collaborative history of Peru: to have as near a complete collection of study and research resources on specialised topics and a space for academic collaboration within the theme of the History of Peru, such that non-specialised profs from a variety of disciplines may work with you on a tailored (customised) learning scheme, project, dissertation etc. Please add your details (here - can this be made a field??) if you would like to join the Peruvian History Initiative. Example - a Latin American studies lecturer, a secondary school history teacher - a student whose parents came from Peru, students who visited Peru in their gap year. Template. This is a template which may be used in (pasted into) any article and is in the category History of Peru.
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