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The magic basket

The Magic Basket showing in this photo a cutting from the "Good Morning - Bueno Días" series (topic: the Central Railway) and an article from the Lima Times Vol. 22 No.2 1997 (Peggy Massey's book review of "Peruvian Trams and Railways: An Illustrated History" by Trevor H. Stephenson).

The Peggy Massey Archive[]

In March 2009 Peggy Massey marched into the office. She was holding a wicker basket full of newspaper cuttings.

From the late 1960's Peggy Massey, who died in 2009, wrote several hundred articles which were published in La Prensa, the Peruvian Times, El Commercio and other media. The articles were mainly short and about places, people and other aspects of life in Lima, Peru. The most frequently appearing articles were those in the series Good Morning - Buenos Días. For an example see Inquisition Museum. There are several hundred "Good Morning - Buenos Días" articles. A team is currently scanning and indexing these articles. They will appear on a webpage in a format similar to the above example and each set of articles (grouped into themes) will have an online catalogue card in bibliographic software known as Zotero. The Massey project in Zotero is at

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