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Goulder is the user name for Paul Goulder.

I am a UK academic with strong Peruvian connections. I have held posts in Arequipa (Peru), Berkeley (San Francisco), London, Los Angeles and Paris. Currently I dedicate time to the development of the Opentext Journal of Peruvian Studies, the History of Peru (category) and other websites related (principally) to Peruvian studies.

--Goulder 07:49, September 2, 2009 (UTC)

(updated Sept. 2009) - old entry: Goulder is the user name for Paul Goulder, Education Secretary PEAC. To distingish contributions I make on behalf of the education subcommittee, I share the user name mentor. For contributions I make for the Committee as a whole I use mentor010. I wish neither to claim the credit for establishing these webpages nor that PEAC should have the responsibility - that belongs to me and the individuals whose username appears in the "history" of each page. This is in the nature of collaborative editing. Please see the peruearthquake.wikia domain for further information.

(September 2007)