Academic Publishing Wiki

John Schmidt is doing this. Start July 10, 2005.
I think we are done now (Aug 25, 2005), This is the interwiki format for Academia wikicity: (w:c:Academia:Main Page).

  1. Copy and paste this whole page to your wiki. (Done)
  2. Add your wiki at the end of list of wikis in this tour. (Not Done Yet; waiting for the academia: interwiki link to activate)
  3. Copy Wikia:Template:Wikia tour to Template:Wikia tour (Done)
  4. Copy Wikia:Category:Wikia tour to Category:Wikia tour (Done)
  5. Copy Wikia:Project:Wikia tour to Project:Wikia tour (Done)
  6. Edit Project:Wikia tour to describe your own wiki rather than the Central Wikicity. Change the link to the "next" wiki to point at the Central Wikicity instead of the Scratchpad wiki. (Done)
  7. Your first page should be Project:Wikia tour/Main Page. Simply paste in the following: {{Wikia tour|namespace=|page=Main Page|next=About us|commentary=This is the main page.}} (Done)
  8. Now, edit the various fields of this template you just pasted in. "Namespace" and "Page" refer to the namespace and page of the page this tour stop is about. For the main page, this is usually going to be blank (main) for the namespace and "Main Page" for the "page". The "next" variable is the name of the next stop in your tour. This does not have to be "about us". Change it to whatever you like. For example, you may want a featured article there, so change it to "Featured". "Commentary" is a short description of the current stop. You can add links, paragraphs, and images to the commentary if you like. You can not add templates to the commentary. (Done)
  9. Click on the "continue tour" link and paste {{Wikia tour|namespace=|page=*|next=*|commentary=*}}, replacing the stars with the correct variables. Keep doing this until you reach the end of the tour. You should use "next=end" on the last page. (Done)
  10. Create an end page at Project:Wikia tour/End. You can copy this from Wikia:Project:Wikia tour/End. Remember to change the link from Scratchpad to the Central Wikicity (Done)
  11. Look at the list of wikis in this tour and go to the one which appears before yours. View their first and last page and change the links there to point to your own tour instead of at the Central Wikicity. (done)
  12. When someone else makes a new tour, they will link to it from yours. (done)